Dive In Desperation

by Treasure The Sky

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All songs written and produced by Treasure The Sky.
Drums recorded by José Garcia Szabolcs at Silent Próbaterem.
Guitars, vocals, bass recorded, mixed and mastered by José Garcia Szabolcs at Reamp Studio.
Artwork by Márk Aczél, István Ács, Bálint Bódis.
Thanks for our families, especially Zsuzsa Perecsényi and István Ács for their endless support!
And thanks for you to listen to it!
2015 Treasure The Sky


released July 11, 2015



all rights reserved


Treasure The Sky Halásztelek, Hungary

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Track Name: Restless Genes (DRD4-7R)
Run out of map to make a stand beside risk.
Risk your failure!
This is the only way to win.
Merging in each outher’s knowledge.
Don’t waste your time,
Lickin’ your wounds.
With every complaint,
A part of time dies.
Unstable ground,
That you’ve found,
Inspite of failures,
Sheds light on your value’s sound.
Try to make it yours!
Step into desert of unknown,
To transcend yourself.
Merging in each other’s knowledge!
Most of us did the same way,
To make a difference between,
Breaking through their borders,
And running just circles.
On your knees you might think,
This is the bottom of the lake,
Where there is no more escape.
Now light seems to be coming in all the windows.
Track Name: Heights
All of us are waiting for a chance,
When we can be heights above others’ rights.
Keep me away from the rise of my instinct.
I have to bite,
Before one other bites.
What a win that we achive with biting each other!??
Everybody strained so hard,
But public is a safety belt!
It wants a part from our existance!
There must be something \\ that we need to get off our chests.
It’s time to confront with our desire.
How much we aspire after reign!
Why are we humans?
Track Name: Triangle (feat. Halák Árpád)
Make your sheer productive.
Feed it with no verdancy.
Acquire the world’s knowledge and,
Prepared to have any chance accomplished.
Finish the last steps of sowing.
Lets go to work on your steppes.
Galvanize life into the seeds,
The results will appeare,
Use your mind to think,
To be creative.
It’s not prejudice,
To be creative.
It is uniqe in this fucking life.
(Get) Lost in thoughts and make the plan then record all of them.
Be reflective and soulful,
Collect everything that you need.
Be reflective and soulful,
No alternative way of planning.
Make arrangements,
Find the tools for screwing.
Look after.
Everything will be alright.
Complete your dreams
Clear out of your head onto a paper,
Make place for the other ideas.
Feel the strenght and volition,
End this work!
Kick the ball through that gate!
Reach your purpose.
That’s what you go sleep (with), and wake up whereby,
That’s what you wanna realize
Fight for,
Learn for,
Work for,
Make it yours,
Believe in,
Trust in,
Breathe in,
Make it yours!
Nobody can take it from you!
Track Name: The Ordeal (feat. Nádasi Richárd)
I feel my chest is shaking,
My heart makes faster beating.
I know it suffused millions before,
But i won’t belong to them.
I won’t let the waves,
Clash over my head!
Is this what’s left for us?
Then i make my own light /against/ despondency!
These troughs of waves,
Erode me,
I even stand here,
Without any fear!
Don’t try to prove your silly things,
It’s time to think,
About what’s dividing.
I’d like to get rid of burden!
Don’t stuck in a moment!
Your escape is not an answer!
Don’t try to prove your silly things,
It’s time to think,
About what’s dividing.
I turned my head up above the clouds,
Finding someone who can take me higher.
I can’t give up, i can’t give up,
On the way of trials.
Fighting over and over again,
This might be the beauty,
That you find, again and again,
The path will be pleased to be,
Found in the end!
I feel my chest is shaking,
My heart makes faster beating,
And now light seems to be coming in all the windows!
Track Name: Fekete Ország (poem by Babits Mihály)
Fekete országot álmodtam én,
ahol minden fekete volt,
minden fekete, de nem csak kívül:
csontig, velőig fekete,
fekete, fekete, fekete.
Fekete ég és fekete tenger,
fekete fák és fekete ház,
fekete állat, fekete ember,
fekete öröm, fekete gyász,
fekete érc és fekete kő és
fekete föld és fekete fák,
fekete férfi, fekete nő és
fekete, fekete, fekete világ.
Áshatod íme, vághatod egyre
az anyagot, mely lusta, tömör,
fekete földbe, fekete hegybe
csap csak a csáklyád, fúr be furód:
s mélyre merítsd bár tintapatakját
még feketébben árad, ömöl
nézd a fü magját, nézd a fa makkját,
gerle tojását, csíragolyót,
fekete, fekete, fekete
fekete kelme s fekete elme,
fekete arc és fekete gond,
fekete ér és fekete vér és
fekete velő és fekete csont.
Más szin a napfény vendég-máza,
a nap a színek piktora mind:
fekete bellül a földnek váza,
nem a fény festi a fekete szint
karcsu sugárecsetével
fekete az anyag rejtett lelke,
fekete, fekete, fekete.